Comprehensive subscription based IT Services bringing your critical and IT support under one umbrella

The Best Way to Mitigate Your Company’s Risk Exposure

Our team takes operational ownership of your IT security posture, network, and cloud resources to guard against the dangers your organization faces.

  • Cybersecurity Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Ransomware Risk
  • Cloud-based Asset Risk
  • (WFH) Work from Home and (WFA) Work from Anywhere Risk

The Business Advantages of Comprehensive, Subscription-Based IT Services

  • Confidence in your cybersecurity management and risk mitigation efforts
  • Simple, straightforward budgeting for IT security and support
  • Answers to your employees’ day-to-day IT questions
  • Single point of contact for all your IT requirements
  • Continuous monitoring of cybersecurity and operational functionality
  • Offloading of time-consuming IT tasks to our team
  • Ability to leave IT to us and focus your entire team on organizational objectives

Major Features of Our Typical Comprehensive IT Services

  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance – Keeping your servers, PCs, and other vital network devices functioning optimally, improving reliability and security
  • Network Health Review and Reporting – Delivering pertinent reports relevant to the ongoing performance of your IT assets
  • Security and Backup Management – Harnessing industry best practices to help keep your environment and essential business data secure, protected, and available
  • Real-Time Optimization – Optimizing your network by identifying, reporting, and resolving issues in real time
  • Remote Support – Supplying access to friendly IT engineers and technicians for network, server, and workstation support

One Monthly Fee – One Point of Contact Comprehensive IT Care Under One Umbrella

  • Proactive IT care to spot and resolve IT issues quickly
  • No panic when you need IT support for end users, troubleshooting, or IT incident (you don’t have to google “IT guy in my area” – you’re already on call)
  • Easy to budget, stable monthly payment for IT support and security
  • Fixed IT support costs that provide predictability for scaling your business
  • SLA to detail our service commitment to you
  • Comprehensive reporting

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